Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The 'mat

There once was a girl... and that girl got married... the girl worked hard... the girl had kids... then one day, the laundry piled up, and the girl became stressed.

Welcome to "Talk Laundry To Me..." I never thought that one of my biggest sources of stress would become one of my biggest blessings...yep, I'm talking about laundry... the time-consuming, never-ending, pile of smelly, dirty clothes that overtook my free time. It didn't occur to me how stressful the laundry was, until I realized I was a slave to it. It seemed to multiply on a daily basis... no matter how much I washed and dryed, it never seemed to get folded, much less, put away. It was a constant reminder of how busy my life had become. And, the girl was not happy.

Backtrack a few years... happily married, proud parent of two, and overly busy with work, but making money out the wazoo... that was us. Sure, my husband and I made a comfy six-figure income, and we had every modern convenience known to man... except a full-time maid to do the laundry. Then, one day, the stress became too much, and something had to give. At about that time, we lost a business, and during the start of the recession in 2006, we struggled to stay afloat financially. Time went by as we quietly pondered our purpose in this life. Long story short... our washing machine broke. It was a goner. What would we do? No money in the account to buy a new washing machine, we stuffed three commercial-grade garbage bags full of laundry, and headed to the 'mat. That night changed my life and my marriage forever.

I invite you to subscribe to this blog...come on a journey with me... watch yourself go in a dirty, wrinkled, and stinky mess, and come out clean on the other side. Watch your marriage or your relationship grow exponentially, as you take my laundr-o-mat challenge in the weeks to come...